Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial: A regal drink for people who enjoy exquisite champagne

People who enjoy happy water (read Champagne) are not just any other social drinkers. These are elegant people who exude finesse. And keeping in mind this chic crowd, tastemakers Moët & Chandon have come up with a novel idea of creating vintage of ice champagne, called as the Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial, to be made especially for exclusive and upscale resorts, the world over.

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And what would such high-class champagne be composed of you ask? Well, it’s said to be a mix of pinot noir, pinot meunier, and chardonnay. So ideally, this drink is said to give tropical flavors fruits with floral notes. Have it on the rocks to get its essence say the creators. Bottoms up!

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