MyMinigolf – you can golf anywhere and anytime

Back straight, knees bent, feet shoulder-width apart, form a loose grip….and tee off! Like me, if you thought that golf is a hard game then both of us are wrong. Myminigolf has changed my point of view. It’s more fun and less somber this way. You can just play it anywhere and anytime. Day or night, summer, rains, or snow, nothing can stop you from teeing off your shot. Myminigolf can be played on almost any level surface and you can create space by arranging obstacles as and where needed. The nine-hole game, designed by Georg Pal and Hannes Weber, comes in a holdall and features 13 molded plastic hazards a steel minigolf-club, 2 balls, and a scouring pad.

Debuted earlier this year at Salone Satellite, it’s all set to go on sale this month. And if you have polished your shots in a couple of days on this then you can take part in a street minigolf championship scheduled for August 18th in Munich! Manufactured by (a pat on your back if you can pronounce this) defacto gmbh, Germany, this set retails for € 169 ($230). When the boss has taken a day off, you know what to do then!

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