Newly designed 9.5-foot Swarovski Star for 2009 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree unveiled

With the holiday season fast approaching, many unique Christmas decorations are making their presence known. Swarovski too unveiled its glittering creation for this Christmas. The leading producer of crystal stones and crystal fashion jewelry unveiled the newly refurbished crystal star that will crown the 2009 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. The stunning Swarovski star weighs a whopping 550pounds and comprises 25,000 crystals with 1,000,000 facets, and measures 9 1/2 feet in diameter and 1 1/2 feet in depth. The star is composed of six outer rays and six smaller inner rays made of point-mounted safety glass. The crystals are affixed to the glass’s inner sides in a tight, scale-like pattern to ensure maximum brilliance. A beautiful star equipped with hi-tech features boasts of enhancements like a new cutting-edge computerized lighting system with energy-efficient LED bulbs.

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A team of nine artisans and engineers spent three months (or 1200 hours) installing, programming, and testing the star to ensure the effects would withstand the challenging winter weather conditions 76-feet above Rockefeller Center.
A replica of the Swarovski Star will also be on display in Rockefeller Center to allow visitors the opportunity to get a closer view of the detailing and craftsmanship. What is more, Swarovski is even offering a selection of star-themed, holiday jewelry and ornaments on sale at the Swarovski holiday kiosk at Rockefeller Center, at Swarovski boutiques nationwide, and online.
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