Office in a Bucket (OIAB) – The concept of the mobile office to a whole new level

Today’s business market is all about portability, from handheld PDA’s to wireless networking. Office in a Bucket means serious business too. It is a portable, inflatable room which comes in a big plastic bin. A fan at the bottom of the pail can inflate or deflate the room in approximately eight minutes when plugged into a standard electrical power outlet. Whenever you want an office or a meeting space, you just have to plug it in and wait a few minutes. Currently constructed of a lightweight PU coated ripstop nylon, an outdoor structure such as this would have even greater application. With a simple entrance that easily pulls to open, the OIAB provides privacy with a clip fastening closure system, and its PU coated design makes branding the structure easy. Ideal for trade shows or working off-site, it can be functional as a children’s room or cubby house or chill out room at parties and certainly one can hit upon a dozen other uses. It comes in two sizes as 4m x 3m, and 5m x 4m; height for both being 2.2 m. (Other sizes available on commission)

Designed by London-based designers Inflate can be rented out for $280 a day.

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