Smallworld- VVIP community networking site.

If you crave exclusivity and have contacts that are highly influential or ELITE in the right sense of the word. The new social networking site a small world is the right to hang out place for meeting like-minded people like you. This is the site where you can boast your links& make new friends who, like you are very very important since membership to this network is strictly by invitation only.

The site is the brainchild of Swedish banker Erik Wachtmeister, who lived the small-world creed in his earlier career — perpetually bumping into acquaintances during commutes between Europe and the United States. Wachtmeister realized a community of people existed that shared the same tastes, needs, desires. So why not create an exchange forum, allowing this swank and peripatetic world to exchange tips on good hotels and restaurants as well as on private soirees in various capitals? If you wanted to know the whos-who from around the world but were too shy to ask!! If you want to not just buy the perfumes or other brands endorsed by celebrities but rather smell them for real. This site could get you standing next to the likes of Naomi Campbell. Those who make Smallworld’s cut must adhere to strict criteria. Exchanges are conducted exclusively in English. Perfect spelling is a must. Vulgarity, intolerance, racial or pornographic references are all taboo. The 10 aSmallWorld webmasters are charged with responding rapidly to the faintest trace of abuse and their efforts appear to be paying off; the virulence often present on the Internet is absent on the site’s forums. Discussions might instead center on practical matters — such as where to buy “an elegant and discreet” diamond. But then again you could ask your friends to lend it to you! I mean isn’t that what friends are for?

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