The largest moon sculpture in the world at the “Out Of This World – Wonders of The Solar System”

Savage Garden once tried to take you to the moon and back, but not quite as literally as the “Out Of This World – Wonders of The Solar System”, the new space exhibit inside the Gasometer in Oberhausen. Inside a 380-foot tall obsolete gas holder is a unique moon sculpture: it is touted to be the largest replica of the moon in the world at a width of 82 feet! Move over Bruce Almighty, the moon is found inside a cathedral-like space along with huge replicas of the sun and its planets spanning in an area of 223 feet.

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The true-to-scale models and their detailed description get its authenticity thanks to high-resolution satellite images of the moon and the other cosmic bodies. Coupled with the ambience and the ethereal music, the exhibit truly explores the scientific, cultural and artistic perspectives of our Solar System.