Why stick to a gigafactory when you can have your own town – Elon Musk plans to build his very own ‘utopia town’ called ‘Snailbrook’

Elon Musk likes switching homes, from Earth to Mars, California to Texas; finally, the SpaceX CEO may find stability by becoming a the owner of a town. Dubbed “Snailbrook” after the Musk-founded Boring Company’s gastropod mascot, the utopia will be located on the outskirts of Austin. The plan is to get SpaceX, Boring Company, and Tesla employees to work, live, and play under one roof. The housing provided will also be cheap, $800 per month for a three-bedroom house as opposed to the average monthly rent of $2200 in Bastrop County.

The Tesla gigafactory in Texas.

Over the past three years, entities tied to Musk have bought at least 3,500 acres in the area. The Journal says some reports indicate Musk controls as much as 6,000 acres. Musk’s town, per reports, will include street names like “Boring Boulevard,” “Waterjet Way,” and “Cutterhead Crossing,” which have already been approved by Bastrop County officials. There are also plans for a Montessori school in the municipality. “They want it to be secret,” Chap Ambrose, a computer engineer who reportedly lives on a “hilltop overlooking the new Boring and SpaceX facilities,” told the WSJ.

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The Tesla gigafactory in Texas.

“They want to do things before anyone knows really what’s happening.” Ambrose added, “They’re just going as fast as they can.” I would like to know what is actually being sprayed, what they’re actually building, and who is going to hold them accountable,” a local farmer named David Barrow also told the WSJ. In 2021, rumor mills suggested Musk was living in a 400 square foot towable $50,000 shack after selling the last remaining piece in his real estate portfolio. It later turned out to be a sprawling 8,000 sq. ft waterfront mansion in Austin belonging to billionaire Ken Howery.

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