AutoStadt reopens with a new centerpiece: The Premium Clubhouse

Autostadt, our favorite Volkswagen theme park has opened it doors again for its numerous fans. The theme park surrounding the carmakers factory in Wolfsburg, Germany reopened on 31st October. This time there is an added attraction for the visitors who will be treated to a spectacular new centerpiece. Known as the Premium Clubhouse, this centerpiece was designed by British architect Stephen Williams. This amazing space represents multi brand luxury and premium division and is designed to accentuate the pavilion’s unusual elliptic interior by adding a curved walkway and a lounge that virtually floats into the space. The exhibits include the stunning mirror finish Bugatti Veyron, an artwork by artist Olaf Nicolai, and the artistic installations of Anselm Reyle and Peter Zimmermann. This exquisite area gives a feel of elegance and promises to be an experience like never before as the visitors will be able to see their reflections on the special mirror finish exhibits.

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The visit guarantees to leave you mesmerized for days together. So why not give this place a try and come out with a different experience altogether?