Bentley Bentayga Stetson Edition is a Texan-style ultra-luxurious special edition for cowboys

Texas loves its cowboy hats and big-sized SUVs, and a premium car dealership from the southern state of the United States has paired the two to introduce an uber-luxurious Bentley. Created by the British automaker’s coach-building arm, Mulliner, the Bentayga Stetson Special Edition was spawned out of the collaboration between Bentley Dallas and American hat brand Stetson, which is known for its cowboy hats. The seemingly odd partnership is based on the two entities sharing similar core values of lasting quality, timeless design and unmatched craftsmanship. Sold exclusively through Bentley Dallas, the Bentley Bentayga Stetson Special Edition will be available in three different colors that match iconic Stetson hat designs: Onyx is paired with the Stetson black 100X El Presidente, Dark Cashmere is matched with the Stetson Boss of the Plains, and the final White Sand version is paired with the Stetson Silverbelly. Other than that, the special edition gets Stetson badges on the rear side panel.

Inside the cabin, Mulliner has given the special edition a three-tone configuration with camel main hides, saddle secondary, and burnt oak accents. It also features a two-tone steering wheel, open-pore liquid amber wood trim and Stetson logos embroidered into the headrests. In addition to that, the Bentayga Stetson Special Edition features cowboy-inspired “boot stitching” and special sill plates that read “Mulliner Stetson.” Mechanically, it is identical to the V8 model. The first example of the special edition arrived at the dealership this week in White Sand, which comes with a matching hat, and is priced at $246,578.


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