BMW unleashes the M2, a 6-cylinder beast that you’ll learn to love

There’s something about BMW’s M insignia that sends a shiver of excitement down our spines. Perhaps, that’s just why we’re so excited about this new release by the German automaker. Christened the 2016 BMW M2, this one’s a more monstrous and less tamed version of the BMW 2 Series. Under the hood, the car packs a 6-cylinderin-line engine that sounds like nothing less than a sweet lullaby to our ears. That, coupled with the car’s rear-wheel-drive agility, lightweight aluminum M Sport suspension and extremely intimidating looks is all the BMW M2 needs to live up to its badge.

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The car uses a three-litre six-cylinder in-line engine that makes use of the M TwinPower Turbo technology. With this, the car is capable of producing 272 kW/370 hp at 6,500 rpm, with a peak torque of 465 Nm (343 lb-ft). The optional seven-speed M Double Clutch Transmission (M DCT) and Launch Control make accelerating to break neck speeds a breeze. The car is capable of crossing the 100 km/h mark in less than 4.3 seconds. The top speed, obviously, has been electronically limited to 250 km/h. While this BMW is rev-happy in stock condition, we simply can’t help imagining what a few more tweaks and aftermarket goodies could do to the swanky new M2!

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