BMW Smart key concept multi tasks as your credit card

After news that Ford is developing the MyKey, to keep your children’s driving habits under check, BMW has now gone ahead and developed a new key that could double up as a credit card. Considering that you can drive your BMW while the rest are still coping with the market crash, BMW thinks that it will ease the process for rich people to just pay off their parking, groceries, and bad debts via their car keys. After all handing over your car keys usually does mean raising the stakes on a gambling table! It is a nice concept for BMW to be working on; it eliminates the early morning frenzy to check for the essentials like the wallet, the keys, and the mobile. If the new BMW key takes off there would be lesser things to worry about as we leave for work, however, handing over your car keys to pay your bills at a restaurant is a little too uncomfortable for me.

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