Singapore Airlines’ First Class to get a makeover by BMW Group Designworks USA

Designworks USA, the subsidiary of BMW Group, has been appointed by Singapore Airlines to create its new First Class cabin and seat environment. Designworks USA has collaborated with many firms in the past, such as the multi-award-winning Metro40 Collection for LandscapeForms and more, substantiating its commitment to the leader in premium commercial aviation. The first of the works will be witnessed on Singapore Airlines’ new Boeing 777-300ER’s, wherein the First Class seats and cabin interiors will be refurbished to open in the latter half of 2013. The flagship project took off at DesignworksUSA’s Singapore Studio and was supported by their LA, Munich, and Shanghai studios.

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DesignworksUSA will be working on elements such as color, textiles, tactile surfaces, and other holistic details to create a more enjoyable experience for First Class passengers. DesignworksUSA will work on privacy and personal stowage space and improved seating comfort beside cabin ambiance improvements.
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