BMW ventures into personal mobility launches its a sleek electric scooter

We all know that the automobile industry is going through a phase of transition, slowly moving away from internal combustion engines to adopt electric propulsion. BMW is no different; in fact, the Bavarian automaker is looking to expand its “i” series of electric cars and PHEVs. However, BMW’s latest product from the world of electric mobility is not the kind you’ll associate with the German auto giant. It’s no Tesla-beating vehicle, for sure. BMW has launched an electric scooter designed in cooperation with German scooter maker Micro and will be available for sale in Europe this fall. The BMW E-Scooter is powered by a tiny 150-watt electric motor and features a lithium-ion battery pack. BMW claims that the E-Scooter has a cruising range of 7.5 miles and a 12-mph top speed, which is a bit disappointing. But, according to BMW, it has a charge time of just two hours from completely dead to a full charge. Thanks to the BMW badge, though, the electric scooter has a price tag of $890, which is almost three times the price of similarly spec-ed e-scooters available in the market.

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The partnership has also spawned two other scooters. The City Scooter is a far cheaper alternative priced at about $224. Instead of electric propulsion, the two-wheeled scooter uses manpower to run. The third option is designed for children from the age of three to 12 and is named Kids Scooter. Priced at just $134, it’s an adorable little thing with three wheels. All BMW scooters are available for purchase at selected BMW dealers in Europe and the E-Scooter will go on sale starting from September 2019.

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