A one-off BMW Coupe whose interiors are made of actual meteorites

BMW has created a one-off 8-Series coupe that can be best described as ‘out of the world’. Called the “Night Sky,” the special edition has actual meteorite fragments studded into the interior trim. Yes, you read that right! Real meteorites adorn the cabin of this one-off BMW. It has been created to celebrate the Quadrantids meteor shower that light-up the night skies in the first week of January every year. As mentioned before, the highlight of the car is the special interior trim made from actual meteorite fragments. Meteorite rocks decorate the center-console trim, the engine-start button, the gear selector, the iDrive control knob, and even the doorsills. In addition to that, the trim parts feature a unique geometric pattern, which is named Widmanstätten after the scientist who first observed it. The pattern is only found in the structure of extraterrestrial materials.

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The BMW 8-Series Coupe Night Sky edition was created by the BMW Individual Manufaktur division, which closely worked with the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics throughout the process to ensure the correct use of the materials. The special pattern can also be found on the three-tone leather seats along with the exterior mirror caps, the trim in the lower front air intakes, and the fender vents, which were all created through 3D printing. The one-off M850i features 3D-printed aluminum brake calipers with a “bionic design” that were developed by BMW Motorsport. BMW claims that they are 30 percent lighter than the standard components. The special edition wears a unique paint in which black base forms a base layer beneath graduated coats of San Marino Blue. Three layers of clear top coat, mixed with varying pigment particle sizes types, add a deep, sparkling finish. Other than that, the Night Sky is mechanically identical to the standard M850i and is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 that produces 523 horsepower. It’s not clear if the car was commissioned by an individual or if it’s still on sale; neither there is any information on the pricing.

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