BMW’s latest patent will help you fill the champagne flute even when Jeeves takes the bumpy ride home

Modern luxury limos are equipped with such hi-tech suspension systems that they can tackle the worst of the roads with ease giving the sensation of flying on a magic carpet. Yet, it still is a challenge to pour bubbly down the tall and narrow bowl of the champagne flutes in a movie car. There’s always a high possibility of spilling the drink and ruining the super-expensive designer dress and the car’s upholstery. BMW has come up with a solution to tackle those nasty accidental spills. The Bavarian automaker has patented a bottoms-up-style drink filler which is said to work like a bottoms-up beer filler system, filling from the bottom.

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The patent was discovered by AutoGuide. The system includes two one-way, spring loaded valves, one going down in the base and the other going up in the glass. On pressing the glass down on the holder, liquid shoots up and fills the glass through the valve at the bottom with a pre-determined amount. The holder also securely holds the flutes, further reducing the possibility of any spillage. The AutoGuide story also points out that the system has two drink reservoirs, for those who want to mix and get the best concoction. There is no information on when this system will make its way into a production vehicle. AutoGuide also didn’t say whether the patent had any vehicles listed with it; but it’s not difficult to guess that the system is suited to limousines like the 7 series or any Rolls Royce.

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