BMW and Montblanc collaborate over an impressive Activity Key

Montblanc is bringing their design savvy to the high octane world of Together, the two brands have created the “Montblanc for BMW” Activity Key Set, which promises to be the last word in wearable tech. The key fob allows the driver access to seamless functionalities such as opening the door handles of the car at a distance and starting or stopping the engine without ever having to find the right button to press. The ultra-thin black rectangular key is nearly half the size of a standard car key and can be worn in three different ways. The base module attaches to a leather strap crafted to be comfortably worn around the wrist; alternatively, the activity key can be added to a clip so it can be clipped onto clothing or luggage. Lastly it can be placed on a key ring.

“Working in partnership with BMW, Montblanc continues to explore new frontiers in wearable technology, finding creative ways to bring together its flair for cutting-edge design and passion for technological innovation,” said Jérôme Lambert, CEO Montblanc. “Seamless, smart and functional, the Activity Key is designed for on-the-go modern explorers, individuals who seek technology that complements their lifestyle in a meaningful way, while never compromising on style.”

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This is the third collaboration between BMW and Montblanc and is a limited edition item. Priced at €430,00, it is the smallest ID transmitter in the BMW portfolio and sets itself apart thanks to the total absence of any buttons. The Activity Key will be available this summer at BMW dealers.

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