Everest can be world’s biggest private yacht

My boating experience consists of renting a kayak on my last holiday at an island off Brisbane. But if anybody is looking out for a ‘bit bigger’ yacht….as in 656-feet big, then Everest – a 350 million euro personal cruise ship is out. However, Everest isn’t really a boat. It’s just a proposal yet. This potential yacht, which if built would take the title of the world’s biggest private yacht. The 200-Meter “EVEREST” can have accommodations for 36 passengers and guests consisting of 17 apartments and an Owners private penthouse suite on the top deck. Every suite will have private terraces.

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In addition, the yacht will have an outside swimming pool with a cinema arrangement, large gymnasium, sauna, steam rooms, indoor cinema, and a beach club with side-folding platforms port and starboard, as well as a large drive-in docking facility at the aft end for boats and a small submarine. Designed by Donald Starkey, the price tag for Everest is 350 million euros. However, this boat is too big to dock in any standard marina. The proud owner would have to dock in a commercial, cruise-ship terminal! I’m contented with my kayak:)

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