HMS Bounty: A iconic vessel used in cinemas up for sale for $4.9million

All you pirates out there, hoping to cruise the deep blue waters in your very own pirate ship, here is your opportunity to sail is probably the best ship ever. The ship that carried the likes of Captain Jack Sparrow in his various voyages through the Pirates of the Caribbean series is actually up for grabs! The real name of this cruise ship is HMS Bounty, and it is considered a master class example of classical square-rigged yachting. The Bounty was built in 1960 by Smith and Ruhland in Canada after being commissioned by MGM Studios for the Bounty film.

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The HMSD bounty was built as an exact replicate of the HMS Bounty yacht built-in 1784. The replica tall ship HMS Bounty measures 54m LOA and holds the same classic maritime style as the original, featuring an enhanced eight-foot ceiling ‘tween’ decks for film crews. Between 2001 to 2006, the ship underwent a thorough renovation after being purchased by the HMS Bounty Organisation LLC. After her refit in 2006, HMS Bounty set out for her world voyage in 2007.
After this great feat, the vessel returned to the US shores in 2009. Furthermore, the Bounty is one of the most commercially viable squares rigged vessels on the water, featured at festivals and holding a large capacity for events. Designed to accommodate 12 passengers alongside 18 crew members, the HMS Bounty now awaits an owner who can cherish her and value her. Boasting a $4.9million price tag, this vessel is now available for sale through WME Yachts.

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