The Ark Angel LSV is the latest Carbon Neutral Emax Megayacht from Sauter

Sauter is quite popular for its eco-friendly yachts. And now apart from being a green life support vessel, the yacht makers have decided to add some speed to make their latest creation. Their new offering is the Carbon Neutral Emax Megayacht called the Ark Angel which helps you enjoy a cleaner and more energy efficient high-sea experience along with setting 50 to 100% reduction in fuel consumption and GHG emissions. The yacht comes with the Ark Angel the brings on board the second ever compound engines called Daimler Bluetec Turbo Compound DD 16.

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The solar hybrid Ark Angel LSV using the Daimler EPA “on road” turbo compound engines, reduces 50 % CO2 emission and fuel consumption at a speed of 28knots, 75% at 18 knots and as much as 85%75% and at speed of 14 knots. The Solar Hybrid Ark Angel LSV that boasts of technologies like SUNPOWER Exoskeleton solar cell and a computerized system of energy management, maintenance and guidance can host 18 guests and a crew of 16. The LS can also be used for Hydroponic farm & Fishery and comes with a helipad too.
Thanks Richard Sauter

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