Here are the 10 most outstanding yachts sold in 2014

Yachts have become the ultimate symbol of luxury, power and wealth. Like an ocean faring Ferrari it is a floating display of your wealth and status. Life on a yacht is one filled with luxury, relaxation and class. Yachts today, seem to have more amenities and gadgets than five star hotels.

They seem to be taking style one notch higher with every new yacht that is made. You can find every possible amenity that you desire and one can definitely get used to this luxury and service aboard the yachts that is just perfect. All this does not come cheap. Yachts cost an insane amount these days to purchase and an even ridiculous amount to maintain them. One would consider them to be a frivolous purchase but then people who can afford them will simply say “why not “?

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10. Icon Yachts – Icon
Length – 68 mts
Cost – NA
Icon has a graceful steel hull and looks stunning and sleek. She has a duplex master suite and can house 12 guests in her 6 suites and can carry 19 crew members. The guest accommodations have direct access to the beach club including a gymnasium and sauna.

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