Baia Yachts use diesel-electric hybrid engines, making sea travel environment friendly

If you prefer spending your leisure time out in the ocean, away from the noise and bustling streets of the city you live in, here’s a perfect way to get away, without doing too much harm to the environment! Baia recently unveiled a true-to-heart green vessel called the Baia Yacht, available in 26.6 and 29.6 sizes. With speeds of over 22 Knots, these vessels sport hybrid propulsion systems and also use exhaust systems with diesel particular filters that keep the waters clean of emissions to quite a commendable extent. Using diesel as well as electric engines to power up and surf through the waves, these yachts use high-performance and low-consumption POD or IPS systems.

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Perfectly good to travel the seas for luxury purposes, these yachts make sure they keep your travel through the blues, as green as possible.