Tough as a battleship, this 210-foot expedition yacht concept with a range of 11,112 km can travel to the remotest corners of the earth. Along with scientific equipment, it can carry a three-person submersible, six tenders, and an Airbus helicopter.

For those individuals on a mission with millions in their pockets, we have just the ship for you or at least the idea of it. Dutch shipyard Icon Yachts’ latest expedition yacht concept, Mission, is a vessel that means business, unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show. Bernd Weel Design has lent this 210-footer the rugged aesthetic of Sailing Yacht A, owned by Andrew Melchinco, with a versatile, modular design that houses an armada of tenders, RIBs, a three-passenger submersible, and even an Airbus H130 helicopter. Project Mission accommodates 12 guests in six stately cabins and a crew of 18. Built to traverse the length and breadth of the planet, including polar regions during non-ice conditions, this stealth ship boasts ample helicopter landing facilities and impressive expedition equipment.

“The project embodies an ‘experience-focused’ design, meaning the vessel is designed to facilitate specialized expeditions, exploration, and yacht cruises. Mission incorporates all the amenities and functionalities on board to create experiences and lasting memories,” said Bernd Weel, per Superyachttimes. He further emphasizes that “the vessel’s design reflects its multipurpose character, from the active lifestyle sports deck to the shipping container docks. Mission’s versatile design offers a wide array of possibilities.” The USP of the motor yacht, Mission, is its modularity, which allows the vessel to meet its ever-changing needs by incorporating modular areas within or on board the yacht

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Containers function like chameleons aboard the Mission. One container could be fully equipped with scientific instruments for conducting research, while a second could serve as a storage space for an array of water toys. The 1,800 GT ship boasts a cruising speed of 12 knots and a range of 6,000 nautical miles. At 210 feet, the vessel displays uncompromised potential in supporting marine scientific research and data collection. “MISSION represents ICON’s commitment to innovation and purpose-driven travel,” shared Micca Ferrero, owner of ICON Yachts. “It redefines what an explorer yacht can achieve – from sustainability and modularity to profound experiential impact. We’re proud to set new benchmarks and lead the way in supporting sustainable exploration.”

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