Hawker 4000 business jet costs $21 mn!

Growing out of the shell of the endlessly long limos, the trend of owning private jets is taking flight. Hawker Beechcraft has come out with a cool new jet for the business class called the Hawker 4000. The body of the jet is said to be 70% stronger than aluminum and is anti-corrosive. The cabin is quiet as compared to other jets and the interiors have a leathery class that lives up to the external styling. It has a range of 3,280 nautical miles. This means that you can embark on those never-ending intercontinental flights in your very own jet!

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The Hawker 4000 is a midsized jet that can fulfill most of the needs of the millionaires of today. It costs $21 million. That’s a huge sum and is sure to make you go looking for some fortunate folk who own a Hawker 4000 so that you can make friends with them.

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