Is your Bike pimped with a PC?

For geeky bikers, here’s the ultimate bike that is fitted with a PC! What else can you expect three brands like Intel, OCC (Orange County Choppers), and Black Diamond join hands? For a true pimped ride, this computerized chopper is fixed with an all-weather SwitchBack PC onboard that can withstand the vibrations and movement of the bike itself for smooth surfing. It has a fingerprint recognition system that acts as the ignition, no key required! Then there is a digital dashboard that not only brings you all sorts of technical data both on the bike and the computer, but it is also good for entertainment and even offers up web access. Instead of rear-view mirrors, there are a couple of LCDs and a pair of rear-mounted cameras that serve the same purpose. It also boasts of Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS, and many more interesting helpful features.

So are you geared up for this kind of geekiness, then for just about $6,000 to $10,000 you can get one such PC on your bike. (cost of the bike not included obviously).

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