Maybach can be decked with diamonds

Only the richest of the humankind who like to flaunt their wealth in a blingy way will be impressed by this offer. Maybach is set to meet the most unusual customer requests for the ultimate in individuality. A regular Maybach 57S costs about 360,000 Euros ($475,000) but to get a Maybach embedded with real diamonds in every possible corner of a car you’ll run a total of 590,000 Euros (about $775,000). This has got to be one of the craziest things Mercedes has done in recent times. Take a look at this video that demonstrates a partnership between Maybach and Wellendorf jewelers. So if you like it and if you got money, then get the Maybach individualization with diamonds.

Idyllically Maybach is the result of imposing size and presence molded into the most elegant of saloons, with an inimitable stylistic allure which exudes the perfect balance of classic inspiration and avant-garde innovation. Form, color, and materials blend together seamlessly to give the Maybach high-end luxury cars an unmistakable identity and enhance their majestic character. But we assume all this wasn’t enough for someone belonging to the Richie Rich species.

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