From Alex Rodriguez to Tiger Woods – Celebrities swear by their blood for this unique hair loss treatment

Natural beauty is a real thing. Unfortunately the standards keep changing and naturally, beautiful becomes seemingly beautiful. Our obsession with perfection is far from over, which is why ground-breaking techniques are invented and mastered daily. It would surprise you how many women and men benefit from these techniques though only a fraction would openly admit it. The secret is a treatment called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) procedure and many have tried to retain their youth and more thanks to this procedure. The likes of Kobe Bryant, Kim Kardashian, Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez etc have tried PRP and few have admitted it too. For those who don’t know, PRP basically consists of your own blood being centrifuged to separate it into its components of red blood cells and plasma. The plasma contains white blood cells and platelets, which is where the healing abilities lie. While women may use it for the betterment of their skin a lot of men are using it for their hair growth. PRP can be extremely useful to promote stronger hair, reduce the amount of hair you might lose, and thicken existing hair. This hair transplant procedure is quite fast and relatively painless. Men are usually not the species that go above and beyond to take care of their looks especially in their mid-thirties and forties but are also deeply affected by these physical changes that affect their self-esteem ad confidence. PRP is hardly time-consuming and the full procedure is done in less than 30 minutes.

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Dubai-based plastic surgeon Dr. Rory McGoldrick explains, “In terms of hair loss, you require repeated treatments. And the more you do, the better the results will be. Another positive aspect of PRP for hair loss is that it involves nearly no downtime since any bruising or slight swelling is covered by the existing hairline. It is also one of the safest cosmetic procedures on the market, with almost no side effects”. Do keep in mind that just like exercising, this hair transplant activity also needs to be continued and maintained to avoid going back to where you started. The results of PRP don’t last forever and the treatment needs to be followed up monthly for optimal results.

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