Dyson outs a $435 supersonic hair dryer

A hair dryer is a girl’s second best friend. Perfect, but with one flaw – like many relationships. Too much of it can be harmful. Here is where Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer could come as a solution. However, at a huge price to pay. The design firm’s first ever hair dryer is something only a scientist could whip up – perhaps someone with beauty, and brains? The $435 dryer is quiet sharp to look at and is apparently quite light (SUCH a blessing! remember the days when you have had to remove a pair of Choo to accommodate your unavoidable hair dryer?). And, special care has been taken to reduce the sound to as low as it can get, so much that in the minimum mode you can have a normal conversation with someone.

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The company has been working on this model for four years, and have tested this machine using 1,000 miles of human hair! The very sound of it is painful. They used different nationalities to understand texture and type of hair too. Can you imagine how they would have started this market research? Let’s not digress; this piece of invention deserves more than that. After all, having pumped $72 million for its development, for the sake of creating wonderful appliances that we may use and not abuse our lovely tresses, avoiding the sarcasm is the least we can do. All hail to innovation, girls!

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[ Via : Mashable ]

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