Dyson has a $500 hair dryer and this one has real gold

If you love your tresses a little too much, here’s your chance to treat them with a ludicrously priced gold-covered hair-dryer! Yes, that’s right! Thanks to home-applications firm Dyson, your hair now can have its own share of glory with a $500 hair dryer that comes with 24-karat gold leaves smothered all over!

An upgrade from its predecessor, the new Dyson Supersonic is crafted by master gilder Karen Haslewood is an association with the brand’s expert engineers. Each product uses five 23.75k gold leaves that have carefully been sourced from Florence and applied by hand on a Red Colored Gesso Primer. As proclaimed by Dyson itself, the gold is eventually prone to wear-off and is deliberately meant to reveal the stark red hue underneath it, in due course. As for the finishing touches, the exclusive gold leafed face is fitted onto the dryer’s rich blue body with matching styling attachments. The set is further completed with a presentation case, that bears the same red color as that of the dryer’s eclectic Gesso Primer.

The new Dyson hair-dryer has already begun to receive some response on social media with one Tweet that read, “Who needs a gold hair dryer? No one. But the Celebrities and Crazy Rich Asians may want it. Good gimmick!’ For a hair-dryer that comes with a $500 price tag and doesn’t dry your hair any different, we’d rather not buy the new Dyson Supersonic. However, there are plenty Richie-riches out there who may think otherwise!

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