Mercedes subtly trolls BMW on their centenary year celebrations

Who said the German’s do not have a sense of humor? Every now and then they throw in a pinch of rib-tickling wise ones that sometimes even qualify as trolling. BMW were out there celebrating their 100th anniversary as an automotive company when out of nowhere, Mercedes dropped a smooth jibe. The company went on to formally wish BMW employees with a paragraph on how awesome it is to be a centenary brand. Next, they go on to show how much better it is to be a brand that’s 30 years older. And finally, they drop the hot potato.

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Mercedes goes on to ‘invite all employees of BMW AG to discover the complete history of the automobile at the Mercedes-Benz Museum’. The message comes straight from Ralf Glaser, Head of Press and Marketing at Mercedes-BenzClassic. Wow, that was subtle. But the subtlety begins to wane off nearly immediately when the brand discloses its ‘special gesture’. Brace yourselves for it.

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Mercedes stated that “as a special gesture, all those guests from the BMW workforce who turn up in a vehicle produced by the Munich-based company will be allowed to park on the hill directly in front of the museum in the scheduled week.”

Porsche however, took the nicer approach through a newspaper ad that stated, “The future presents us with great challenges. We meet you with driving pleasure. Porsche bows 100 years ago moving automobile history and congratulates BMW sincerely for the anniversary.”

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