Made with brass, aluminum, and mahogany, this handbuilt steampunk BMW R18 Magnifica is a moto masterpiece.

It’s been more than two years since BMW Motorrad revealed the retro-modern R18 cruiser that was introduced to challenge the dominance of Harley-Davidson in the segment. Since then, the German manufacturer has expanded the R18 range by launching several different iterations meant for different riding styles. However, this year, BMW has come up with something very different for motorcycle enthusiasts. The automaker partnered with award-winning custom motorcycle shop Radikal Chopper to create an R18-based one-off custom chopper. Called Magnifica, the steampunk-themed custom chopper was commissioned by Officine Riunite Milanesi owner Raffaello Polchi and was revealed at this year’s Top Marques event in Monaco.

The wild one-off motorcycle is the brainchild of custom motorcycle builder Andrea Radaelli who looked at vintage motorbikes built between the 1920s and ‘40s, specifically the BMW R37. The stunning vintage BMW motorcycle has “an incredible charm that even today many modern motorbikes cannot replicate,” Radaelli explains. The handcrafted custom chopper blends mahogany wood, brass, and aluminum, along with a custom frame and billet aluminum wheels to create a masterpiece.

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Almost all the parts and components of the R18 Magnifica are hand-forged, except for the custom-machined billet aluminum five-arm wheels shod in Metzeler tires. The brake discs and calipers are also completely custom components that were created specifically for this build. Thanks to the use of different materials and a custom design, Magnifica tips the scale at 551 pounds, making it almost 220 pounds lighter than the standard R18. The one-of-a-kind motorcycle is functional and features the R18’s running gear without any major mechanical modifications. Have a look at the pictures, the R18 Magnifica is a piece of art.

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