Worth more than Jeff Bezos’ Koru and Mark Zuckerberg’s Launchpad yachts combined, this is the most expensive superyacht in the world. Its fuel tank is so massive that it could fuel 4,344 Hummers.

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Roman Abramovich’s superyacht Eclipse truly puts the “super” in superyachts and the “mega” in megayachts, showcasing the ultimate in luxury vessels. Built fourteen years ago at the renowned Blohm+Voss Hamburg facility, Eclipse still reigns as the second-longest yacht in the world, surpassed only by the Azzam yacht.

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This nearly 550-foot-long marvel originally cost Abramovich $700 million. It underwent an extensive refit at the Blohm + Voss shipyard in Hamburg, which pegged the value of the megayacht at an astonishing $912 million. The vessel outshone other famous vessels, such as Jeff Bezos’ $500 million Koru (the largest sailing yacht in the world) and Mark Zuckerberg’s $300 million Launchpad vessel.

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Not only are Koru and Launchpad smaller—measuring 416 feet and 387 feet, respectively—but their combined worth is still less than that of Eclipse. With nine decks, multiple pools, a cinema, a discotheque, two helipads, 20 jet skis, four motorboats, a submarine that can dive 160 feet and is dubbed an escape pod, a missile defense system, and 36 guest cabins, Eclipse truly eclipses other luxury yachts. Abramovich’s choice of name for his colossal boat is certainly fitting.

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The onboard spa of the Eclipse. Via Charterworld

The fuel tank alone, with a capacity of 320,000 liters, holds more fuel than an A380 aircraft, and costs an astronomical $2.2 million to refuel. It’s no surprise that a five-hour cruise can cost around $29,000 one way. Beyond its lavish amenities, Eclipse boasts some truly unique features. The owner’s master suite and command bridge are fortified with bulletproof glass and armor plates. The yacht is also equipped with an anti-paparazzi system that uses lasers to disrupt potential photographs, an essential feature for maintaining privacy for VIPs. The guests would not have to worry a bit about being sea sick as a special stabilization system keeps this mammoth vessel stable even when its sailing.

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Roman Abramovich owns the Eclipse. Image- TASS

Additionally, Eclipse is armed with a missile detection system, missile launchers, and anti-drone systems—unheard of in the world of luxury yachts. Celebrities like Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, and Kendall Jenner have been spotted aboard Eclipse, which comes with a staggering rental price of $220,000 per day.

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However, due to sanctions, the former Chelsea FC billionaire cannot currently enjoy his floating palace, which has been anchored in Turkey for over two years, safely out of reach of EU authorities.

Note – A Hummer H3 has a fuel tank capacity of 87 liters.

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