World’s most expensive cake is decked with $30 million worth of jewels

In the world of luxury, we have seen diamonds either make things better or obnoxious. For instance, take luxury watches laced with Swarovski crystals or rare diamonds and you have the first recipe for opulence and style but simply putting diamonds on something to make it fetch the ‘world’s most expensive’ tag seems rather pointless. The season five finale of Cake Boss on TLC saw the making of world’s most expensive wedding that was decked with $30 million dollars of jewels. The list of bling materials here included emeralds, rubies, sapphires and even some D-Flawless 20 carat emerald cut diamonds which made the cake sparkle like stars.

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This bake stint was made for New York city socialite Devorah Rose, who is also better known as the editor-in-chief of Social Life magazine. I am not sure if something like this will excite food connoisseurs but it will definitely give the bling-obsessed folks a ‘wow’ factor to hang on.
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