Watch – A $24 million luxury yacht weighing 160 tons suddenly ploughs into smaller boats docked at a port

What a bad start to the day for Westport Yacht Company when their brand new $24 million luxury yacht barreled into a dock knocking over other smaller vessels at Port Angeles, Washington, on the unfortunate October morning. Can’t help but feel sorry for the owner who is waiting with enthusiasm to take his new toy for a spin; he will surely have to wait a bit longer till the Westport Yacht Company fixes the damages. Speaking of damages, this next-gen Motoryacht has caused ample, $100,000 to be precise. It’s surprising this happened as the yacht was moored and getting ready for fueling with a six-person crew on board. But before the fueling process could begin, the boat began to accelerate forwards, sailing headlong into several smaller boats and the jetty. Sheriff’s deputies say that they do not suspect that drugs or alcohol played a role in the incident, its more of an onboard electronics malfunction.

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The luxurious Westport 125 is a thing of beauty that weighs no less than 195 tons and housesat least 10 guests and a number of amenities, including a fully equipped kitchen, 5 staterooms or guest cabins including shower and sink and sprawling living space. It’s good to know that Westport will be taking care of all the damage caused.
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