Meet Savannah, the world’s first hybrid superyacht

In a bid to keep check on climate change, hybrid technology is being aggressively pushed as the alternative to purely gasoline powered engines. In a few years time, we will even have aircrafts with hybrid technology to make air-travel more economical and environmental friendly. And now, we have the world’s first superyacht with hybrid technology. Feadship, the prestigious Netherlands-based yacht builder, on Saturday launched “Savannah,” the world’s first true hybrid superyacht. The 83.5m (274ft) superyacht not only boasts a novel power plant, but is also the first to be entirely metallic painted except for the mast domes.

feadship-savannah-4From the outside, the Savannah looks similar to most of the megayachts of its size, with five stories, a swimming pool and massive decks. However, the luxury ship is powered with a highly advanced power system that comprises of a single diesel engine (instead of the usual two), three diesel-electric generators and a cluster of one million Watts of Li-ion batteries. The hybrid system along with an azimuthing thruster and a streamlined hull shape result in fuel savings of 30 per cent in comparison to other similarly sized yachts. The streamlined hull has a superstructure that uses glass, composite panels, polished stainless steel strips, aluminum supports, and teak. “The possibility to choose between diesel, diesel-electric or fully electric is truly exceptional,” says Savannah’s captain Ted McCumber. It also features a nine-metre swimming pool, an “underwater lounge” at port side, where guests can watch fish swim past, and a cinema. It took three years to complete the ship and will be delivered sometime in the spring.

[Via – Gizmag]

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