Enjoy the Superbowl in the lap of luxury

The Superbowl is something every American football fan is dying to witness. And if you’re hopelessly rich, you should enjoy the Superbowl in complete style and luxury, right? Well then, look no further; Millionaire’s Concierge is offering a Superbowl XLIV Ultimate Yacht Charter Package from the 5th to the 8th of February, 2010, for a super Superbowl experience! As per the package, you will be onboard a 105FT Broward Luxury Motor Yacht for 3nights and 4 days. The yacht will be docked at an exclusive hotel & Marina, where you would have three staterooms that can house over six of your guests too. The yacht will come equipped with an onboard crew and a chef, along with a premium bar & catering services.

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For your personal entertainment, each room will have a room plasma TV of 42 inch, coupled with a Bose sound system. And the cheery on top of this awesome cake is that you can pick any Superbowl Tickets and attend any one of the 15 exclusive Superbowl VIP parties! You will not only have Limousine Service, but can also enjoy VIP restaurant & night club reservations. Plus there are several adventure options to pick from including a helicopter to Florida Keys for dinner and a two-hour cigarette race boat experience. And the entire package cost only around $68,000. Now that’s value for money!

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