Enjoy spring in the world’s first carbon fiber luxury RV priced at a cool $770K

Spring is back and so is the beautiful weather and that only means one thing; the roads are soon going to be clogged with RVs and caravans. While majority of the caravans on the roads are eye-soars and none of them look anywhere near being called well built, but finally we have one which might change the way we look at caravans and caravanners. Here’s presenting the world’s first ever carbon-fiber caravan which has been designed to woo the luxury conscious buyers. A company called Global Caravan Technologies, GCT, which specializes in building luxury RVs is behind this uber-cool luxury-home-on-wheels. This 35-foot long, tow-behind trailer, which goes by the name CR-1, is truly amazing.

GCT, operating out of Speedway, Indiana, was able to build the massive chunck of carbon fiber needed for the 35-foot monocoque chassis while working with Indycar Series builder Dallara. We all are well aware that building coaches out of carbon fiber does not come cheap and supercars with carbon fiber elements are priced upwards of a quarter million dollars, so one thing is for sure that the CR-1 won’t come cheap either. In fact this carbon fiber RV is priced at $770,000; but for that money you get full-height closets, walk-through master bath, 700-watt solar power system, integrated generator, run-flat tires, adjustable-tint privacy glass, and the company offers the option to use your choice of Apple, Android, or Windows phone to operate the whole thing. Have a look at the video after the jump, it’s incredible.







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