Dance the night away at Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania with a horror movie and live DJ

This isn’t for the faint-hearted. A party is in the pipeline; one that leads straight to Count Dracula’s, Bran Castle. Before you make your way there don’t forget Dracula dons a mask of cordiality, but Dracula’s most mysterious power is the ability to turn others into vampires by biting them. Even then the idea of a Halloween party in his imposing castle is one to be considered and enjoyed. Dubbed the Dracula’s Castle Halloween Party it is a one-night event taking place on 2 November in the historic Bran Castle located near Transylvania, also known as “Dracula’s Castle”. It won’t be a night of just fear, in fact, if you’re bold enough to join the dark side this can be one hell of a fun night. The event includes a stay at a three-star hotel and a Romanian banquet meal (guests will be served three local specialties), followed by a tour of the historic castle, and a horror movie screening. My guess is no one will feel sleepy after a horror movie in a place like Dracula’s castle, so might as well party the night away. The event is concluded with an all-night party with a live DJ.

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Make the most of experience by putting your scariest avatars forward; seriously try putting Dracula himself to shame here. The party will come to an end at 4 am, where guests will be brought back to the hotel by a guide. The next morning will see them being treated to a breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant before checking out. Sounds like quite a plan! The experience is priced at €249 (US$275) per person. More information on booking is available at the official Civitatis website.

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