From the sea to the sky: Scenic Tours’ latest yacht boasts two customized helicopters

The newest Expedition yacht from Scenic Luxury Tours and Cruises, called the Scenic Eclipse, will go above and beyond to give customers an unparalleled travel experience thanks to its two Airbus H130 helicopters. The addition of the helicopters will allow guests access to locations that are unreachable by yacht alone, adding a thrilling new dimension to their trip.

Each of the helicopters will accommodate six passengers and a pilot. They also have a host of features and customizations ranging from the addition of custom leather seats, to Boise noise-cancelling headsets for passengers as well as a Bluetooth connection for music and five cameras that will record footage for the passengers to enjoy later. To make the helicopters more yacht-friendly, they have been fitted with rotor blade fold kit that allows them to take up less of the yacht’s valuable space.

“Scenic has always sought to venture beyond the horizon, and with our helicopters we provide guests with the opportunity to enjoy unparalleled access to some of nature’s most beautiful sites,” Scenic founder and chairman Glen Moroney said. “We have specifically selected this model for its wide, unobstructed cabin space with outstanding visibility for all passengers.”

Though built by Airbus in France, these helicopters got their special interiors in Australia thanks to Pacific Crown Helicopters. Not only are H130 helicopters comparatively environmentally friendly thanks to low emissions, they are also particularly suited for flying over natural parks, animal reserves etc. as they are known to be among the quietest helicopters in the world.


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