Ice Hotel in Sweden to sell space flight tickets along with Vodka

A trip to space is as easy as a trip to Disneyland these days. Want a ticket for yourself? Then you might be tempted to check out the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. For some fun on land, you can get on the dog sled and snowmobile safaris. But if you’re of the opinion that you’re done with ‘earthly’ pleasures, then it’s about time that you know that the hotel will now sell space flights.

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Virgin Galactic will be offering trips from the nearby Kiruna (Northernmost city of Sweden) starting 2012 and tourists can choose a summer trip in the ceaseless light of the midnight sun or a trip during the dark winter highlighted by the luminous Aurora borealis. The cost of the tickets for one trip will be around $200,000.

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