Iceland’s newest attraction is this 264-feet long ‘infinity edge’ geothermal lagoon with mind blowing views of a volcano

After taking one look at the infinity-edge geothermal lagoon in Iceland’s Kársnes Harbour we knew that the world would have its Instagrammable Jewel in 2021. Nearly one year later the Sky Lagoon located just a few minutes drive from Reykjavík’s city centre has opened with a 246ft long ‘infinity edge’ and sweeping views of the North Atlantic Ocean. If last year’s renderings are still on your mind then these newly released photographs showing the lagoon’s steaming blue waters, erupting volcano on the Reykjanes peninsula, waterfalls and rugged rocks will completely blow your mind as well as your Instagram feed. Take a close look at what is claimed to be Iceland’s largest window, which showcases the jaw-dropping scenery in style:

While rest and relaxation are a given at Sky Lagoon what will etch as a wonderful memory are the mesmerizing views of the Northern Lights and dark sky and sunsets that seem unreal.

Guests can connect with their mind, body, and spirit through the radiant powers of geothermal waters at this rejuvenating and relaxing retreat.

The man-made lagoon features 70-meter (230 feet) infinity edge along with a cold pool, sauna, in-lagoon bar, dining, and shopping.

Guests are encouraged to follow a ‘seven-step ritual’ while at the lagoon, inspired by Icelandic tradition. The steps include healing warm geothermal waters of the lagoon, a plunge in a glacier-fresh pool to stimulate the immune system, and a five to ten-minute stint in the sauna to cleanse the skin and warm up later on.

Step four involves a unique cold fog-mist space’ that apparently is both stimulating and rejuvenating for mind, body, and soul.

The Sky Lagoon offers guests two packages. The more expensive Sky Pass provides access to a private changing and shower area, with premium hair and skincare amenities.

Tickets to this heavenly place start from $68 (8,500 Icelandic Krona) with various entry slots available seven days a week.

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