Not from an aircraft window or a bubble tent – This company is offering the most awesome way to see the Northern Lights

Do you remember Princess Jasmine’s amazement when Aladdin took her for a ride on his magic carpet and showed her a whole new world? We are about to experience something exactly like that, thanks to the Aurora Safari Camp and founders Jonas Gejke and Fredrik Broman. They are giving us the once-in-a-lifetime chance of enjoying the northern lights, aka Aurora Borealis, by launching a hot air balloon aurora tour called “Aurora in the Sky” that will take you to Swedish Lapland to see the aurora from the sky. Basically, you will enjoy the sky from the sky as the hot air balloon will be anchored to the arctic ice below and ascend to around 40 meters, where it will hover to hunt for the Northern Lights. If this isn’t the most amazing way of experiencing one of the greatest wonders of natural beauty, then I don’t know what is! The experience is available for groups of up to six people and is recommended for guests over six years of age.

Bookings for “Aurora in the Sky” will open in May 2020 with a seemingly hefty $2,999 price tag. This amount will include meals, private transfers, accommodations provided at the Outpost and Aurora Safari Camp, a snowmobile adventure with lunch on the Arctic Circle apart from the hot air balloon ride. If you get lucky to spot the aurora in all its celestial glory, the trip becomes the most priceless one of your life. Plus, most of us can strike off two things from our bucket list for the rice of one, the northern lights, and a hot air balloon ride. I can feel Princess Jasmine’s jealousy, can you?

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