In flight bars are passe’ – Virgin Atlantic’s new luxury Airbus has a massive onboard lounge for socialising at 38,000 feet

Virgin Atlantic is all geared to make your travelling plans seem more like a luxurious, unforgettable journey. Virgin Atlantic’s brand new Airbus A350-1000 is a glorious space in the sky and their new tweaks and touchups are making it one coveted aircraft to be on. The A350, a brand-new, state-of-the-art aircraft, is now all about comfort, style and luxury that also provides you with a social space to mingle on a long journey. The first noticeably good aspect is how they have given upgrades across all three cabins. You know your ride is surely a comfortable one when a wider and taller cabin welcomes you; this is made possible due to the new composite material Airbus is using. In Economy, super-thin chairs leave plenty of legroom, which has to be the main selling point if you ask me; the screens are now a whopping 11.6 inches (FYI, that’s even bigger than Virgin’s old Upper-Class screens). The cabin is pressurized to a much lower altitude for a more comfortable flight which means babies won’t cry too much and young kids will stay relaxed as their ears are less likely to pop. So most of your woes are well-taken including entertainment as over 100 hours of movies and 300 hours of TV shows sounds incredibly satisfying. A new tail cam offers all customers an incredibly high definition live view from outside of the aircraft which will enthrall adults and kids alike. It would also interest you to know, an exuberant layer of mood-lifting violet light runs throughout the cabin. Moving a few seats ahead, passengers in the middle of the plane will find a redesigned Premium cabin with custom leather seats, multiple USB ports and a larger 13.3-inch screen.

Move a couple of seats further to the Virgin’s famous Upper Class and you unravel a world of unmatched luxury. Right from guests enjoying their own private booth in the sky with seats, complete with an 18.5-inch touch screen. World-class cutlery instead of plastic containers, an eco-friendly amenity bag, to their bar area that’s upgraded to ‘the loft’. It’s the airline’s largest in-air communal space yet; Upper customers can connect Bluetooth headphones to the Loft’s 32-inch screen. Virgin Atlantic has 12 Airbus A350-1000s on order with all due to be in operation by 2021. For now, you can catch them between Heathrow and NYC, with LA receiving the A350 from next year.

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