Uber rich Chinese get their own travel brand

If you missed out on the month-long luxury travel in china, then don’t seem to be alone. However, considering how the trips sold out like hot cakes, China’s HHtravel, targeted directly at Chinese tycoons, has become a force to reckon with. The country’s “2011 China Personal Fortune Report” says that it is home to 500,000 people who own disposable assets worth well over RMB 10 million (US$1.6 million). Still, there is an organized market to help them with luxury outings. Maybe that is why initiatives such as HHtravel by Ctrip become extra desirable.

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Considering that around-the-world trip covering six continents in 80 days at RMB 1 million per head sold out in seconds tells the world about how much luxury the people love and how difficult it is to get time out for a holiday. However, its success yet four months away, when the first set of the trip is coming close.
[HHTravel via CNNGo]

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