Issey Miyake has collaborated with Seiko for minimalistic mechanical watches

Why does it happen that when we get our hands on the new, the old start diminishing? Think of it, the number of things, part of yesteryears we have left behind in time as we progressed towards modernization and digitization? When it comes to a fashion house like Issey Miyake where art is not only given importance but also manifested in their works regularly, one can rest assured that the old will be renewed and still be riveting. Case in point, their awesome collaboration with Japanese watch manufacturer Seiko. Seiko alongside Issey Miyake is set to create a new “1/6” watch, designed by a long-time collaborator of the fashion brand, Nao Tamura. I don’t know about you, but I for one am done with smartwatches; I confess to missing the intricacy of a traditional watch with its gears and hands beautifully nestled behind the glass case. This mechanical timepiece to features a nostalgically-geared face and band, which comes as a breath of fresh air in the mundane overtly, smart world.

The specs include mechanical movement rotation at 2,160 RPM, with the watch itself employing a power reserve of 41 hours. A two-layer construction and minimalistic 43mm face for easy time reading. This gorgeous timepiece by Seiko x Issey Miyake comes in three colour and metal configurations- a dark-themed face in either silver or black, both of which utilize metal bands, as well as a white face that is accompanied by a black leather band. The watches are expected to hit the shelves soon with price tags of $590 and $635 respectively.


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