MyFountain digital bartender

We all know how ‘happy’ we get after downing a couple of drinks. Mixing drinks after a couple of ‘em can become an adventurous proposition. To help you in mixing the drinks, and serving exotic concoctions is MyFountain, a digital bartender. The touch screen display allows you mix traditional recipes or even mix something new from the ingredients available. Dedicated lines ensure that stuff like beer or wine doesn’t mixed with say juice or worse…soda! What’s really cool is the password system that allows access to valid holders; Junior sure won’t sneak out a drink till he comes of age, you can bet on that. The dispenser can store 16 different chilled liquids at a time. MyFountain can prepare beverage orders automatically via the phone plus before you refill the stock, the system automatically cleans the lines.

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MyFountain will be out next year. It will sell for $2,500.