Chinese company 3D prints and builds an entire villa in 10 days for $400

In today’s fast paced world, waiting for your house to get built was quite long and frustrating, not to mention expensive; that’s soon about to change thanks to the ingenious developers at the Zhuoda Group. What they’ve done is nothing short of amazing and when the price tag hits you; being ‘blown away’ is most certainly on the cards. The developing engineers have successfully fabricated the first ever truly 3D printed home that would cost no more than a mere $400 – $480 (2,500 – 3,000 Yuan) to construct.

Chinese company 3D prints 1
Don’t let the 3D printed part sway you, this is not some straw or stick house built by two little piggies; this house is rock solid, built on a steel framework and designed to withstand even high-magnitude earthquakes. Even the elements will pose no major issue for this home as the materials are both fire and waterproof. 90% of the construction was actually completed offsite in a specially designed factory that would print modules for each section of the villa. The remaining construction and ground work were handled at the location. The house was put together in front of an audience to prove its efficiency and sustainability. Essentially what we’re looking at is a life-size LEGO-esque home that would take a fraction of the time to produce from initial construction to final assembly.
Chinese company 3D prints 2
Each module of the villa weighs over 100 Kgs per square meter and bears weight independently thus making it very stable. The main steel structure of the villa can also be filled with heat-insulating materials. The building materials themselves, although a tightly kept company secret, have been revealed by the Zhuoda Group’s VP, Tan BuYong, to be sourced from industrial and agricultural waste which also makes this a very eco-friendly home that’s devoid of formaldehyde, ammonia and radon that aren’t exactly healthy materials to have your home built from.
Chinese company 3D prints 3
The final touch is added with 3D printed decorative sheet textures for each of the modules that can be customised by owners before work begins. Jade, marble, wood and granite are a few of the textures that future 3D home owners would able to avail of in the making of their speedy house. But the piece de resistance is the added “luxury” of having herbs embedded into the walls of the house for ‘built-in aromatherapy’.
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Designed to last for at least 150 years, these 3D printed homes are the wave of the future that could be a humongous stride forward for affordable living and speedy development of not just homes but other structures and shelters as well. At prices likes this, the real estate market could be in for a rude awakening and the best part of this entire procedure is that it takes no more than 10 days to build and set up this a home like this!
Chinese company 3D prints 5

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