Number crunching tells us that Beyonce is on track to earn a mind boggling $2 billion from her 57-concert Renaissance World Tour

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter — also known as Queen Bey, is called so for a reason. She is iconic, supremely talented, a world-favorite (something most crowned queens cannot boast), and incredibly rich (again, something most royals cannot admit). In true music royalty style, Beyoncé, as per Forbes, could rake in nearly $2.1 billion from her “Renaissance” World Tour (a cool $500 million more than Taylor Swift’s estimated $1.6 billion Eras earnings). The estimates are incredibly optimistic but valid as their concerts display high average ticket prices of about $700.

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“Ticket prices are only going up,” Armen Shaomian, an associate professor of Entertainment Management at the University of South Carolina, told Forbes in an email. “There are large sections of tickets on Beyoncé’s tour dedicated as B-Hive and Club Renaissance close to the stage, along with some shows where the entire floor level is a standing room club setting (Stockholm, for example). Such tickets are all sold at a premium. Think of it as a flight having more first and business class seats that are sold at a premium, which pushes up the average fare.”

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If history has taught us anything, it is that Queen Bey is one of the most-loved artists ever, with her 2014 On the Run tour grossing $95 million, the 2016 Formation World Tour accumulating an impressive $256 million, and 2018 On the Run II tour generating a massive $254 million. With a long sabbatical, the pandemic, and pining fans, it won’t be shocking to see Beyonce walking home with $2 billion in revenue once the tour concludes in September 2023. She is well on her way to pocket moolah which exceeds the income of all her previous concerts combined.

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A few months ago, the Single Ladies hitmaker netted a cool $24 million for the one-hour gig at the opening of Dubai’s Atlantis, The Royal luxury hotel. The stunner stayed in the world’s most expensive room, spending $100,000 per night on the two-level penthouse.

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