Kardashian-Jenner sisters recent Instagram photo is the newest photoshop fail

One really cannot keep up with the Kardashian’s no matter how hard we try. While the family is extremely amusing and is still giving enough fodder to the world of entertainment, this time it’s literally a foot-in-mouth situation. Kim Kardashian and half-sister Kylie Jenner have collaborated on a perfume collection but that’s not what the fans are talking about, unfortunately. All the attention has been diverted to their toes instead! Yes, they do have the world at their feet, this time it’s to criticize a suspected Photoshop fail. In a post on Instagram, it appears that the reality stars have each ‘acquired’ a sixth toe in the promotional shot. The Kardashian’s should get habituated with the fact that their images undergo extra scrutiny and should be watchful to avoid such daft accidents. It’s funny that no one is talking about their figure-hugging bodysuits or their collection; people have managed to zoom into the places where they expected tomfoolery and emerged winners.

Some witty comments seen on the post were, “Broooo go back to Aug 11 photo and she only has 5 toes. How do you mess up so badly by editing on a 6th toe?” While another said, “Why you got 6 toes?” The sisters said it was an optical illusion. And we have nothing to say to that.


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