Is the brouhaha over Kim Kardashian’s lavish 40th birthday celebrations on a private Tahitian island justified?

Whatever Kim Kardashian does makes news. Whether it was her interview on David Letterman’s Netflix show, ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’, or more recently her 40th birthday bash, she has to be discussed. The discussion did turn into more of a backlash after she shared a string of tweets during her family holiday to a tropical island. Kim chartered a Boeing 777 to fly her inner circle of family and friends to a remote Tahitian island for extravagant 40th birthday celebrations. As expected, Kim didn’t contain her natural excitement and shared a string of snaps from the luxe retreat, gushing how lucky she felt to be able to get away on holiday with loved ones amid the pandemic. Yes, we are in the middle of a global pandemic, which isn’t Kim’s fault, and she chose to celebrate a milestone birthday in a lavish way (like we all do) cause she can afford it and shared her experiences with her Insta fam because this lifestyle is basically the number one reason why they follow her. There are many who hit out at the star over the “disgustingly tone deaf” tweets, while some praised her for recognizing her privileges and being thankful not just for her luxuries but for being able to enjoy them with family. Let’s be honest; we are all part of the pandemic, including the Kardashians, who are allowed to enjoy a break and spend as much as they’d like cause they earned it. Twitter was set alight with comments like ‘People are dying, and the rest of us are suffering as we watch the body count rise quarantined in our homes. This is tone-deaf and insensitive.’ User @clhubes wrote, ‘Wow, so fun my family still hasn’t met my six-month-old baby but I’m glad you’re rich,’.

one disgruntled tweeter scolded, “Cool, people have had to say goodbye to loved ones over the phone while they died alone in a hospital. but a neat trip to post all over social media while the world suffers. so humble and so down to earth, truly”. A few jumped to Kim’s defense saying, “that’s supposed to stop her from having a birthday party why? it’s not like there’s a bunch of strangers there.”. Bad things happen all the time, if we wait for it all to get better, we will only be unhappy is all I have to say. Find your own happiness, pandemic or not.

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