Kim Kardashian looks mesmerizing as the new face of Marc Jacobs. The Internet, however, wasn’t pleased.

Via Instagram / @marcjacobs

Kim Kardashian needs to buy a bigger hat as the feathers keep on multiplying. The entrepreneur behind super successful Skims is now the new face of Marc Jacobs. A closeup of Kardashian’s face made for a stunning teaser unveiled on the American designer’s Instagram account. Her first campaign with the luxury brand was shot by film director Tyrone Lebon and styled by creative director Alastair McKimm.

While the world still awaits the full-fledged campaign release, netizens have made their stand clear, and it’s not in Kim’s favor for now. Some fans clearly expressed their disappointment at seeing Kardashian’s face with the words Marc Jacobs emblazoned on it. ‘What happened with other models??? WHY KIM on everything?’ one asked, while another said, ‘I really like Marc Jacobs…this is hurting me !!’ A third user lamented,’ Still?? Can we move on already?? It’s so boring to see the same faces over and over again.’

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Via Instagram / @kimkardashian

I guess it is a case of ‘too much of anything isn’t a good thing,’ and Kim Kardashian is basically omnipresent, even more so on social media. Fans have higher expectations from the popular brand that has previously worked with fashion icons like Paris Hilton, Winona Ryder, Pamela Anderson, and Nicki Minaj.

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